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Classical cars take over

It is always an absolute pleasure to exhibit the photographic artwork of Kim and Paul Ingvar. In every series they create, they take a regular everyday object and make it fun, exciting and visually striking beyond it's everyday status. In the past they have worked with the human form, nature, local scenes and animals, always putting a fun and an intriguing twist on the everyday.

For this exhibition Kim and Paul have chosen to work with Cars. These beautiful classical cars have been transformed with colour, texture, and even fire.

I took some time to find out what their was inspiration behind this particular series.

KL: Why have you chosen to do a series on Cars?

Paul has a lifelong passion (for cars). Kim likes red ones. Having taken some pictures of classic Jaguars we wanted to create some images that were both exciting and different to the norm.

KL: Can you explain your thoughts when photographing the cars?

Technically, to try and take an interesting angle possibly exaggerating the perspective with a wide angle lens and trying to avoid most reflections. Emotionally, cars excite us for various reasons, whether classic, fast, historic, odd, etc.

KL: What does Paul do? And What is Kim’s Part in the artistic Duo?

Paul generally takes the pictures and creates the 'start' file. Then he makes the coffee (before 5.30) or mixes the gin and tonic (after 5.30). Meanwhile, Kim explores our image base of textures (which we are always adding to) to select which ones achieve the desired effect when blended with the car. Then we get to work........

KL:What is your favourite car?

Kim likes a red one.

Paul likes a Jaguar D-Type to fantasise about and either an Audi S5 or a Mini-Cooper S to drive.

KL: Why do you think cars are so popular?

It's about the shape, image, excitement and noise - otherwise we would all have a Citroen 2CV ! They become an extension of us and our personality - not just some pressed steel. We form an emotional attachment to our cars.

KL: Why did you choose to have them printed on the acrylic?

We like the very high gloss, the colour intensity and the sense of depth. We also insist that we present a very high quality product.

The exhibition runs until Thursday April 5th at 5:00pm, all car lovers should make a pit stop and check it out.

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