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'Sympathetic Magic' Intrigues Viewers

Slate started 2018 with a hugely talented BANG! Neil Moore’s drawings are gracing our walls for the next few weeks in Sympathetic Magic. The Exhibition has already had a lot of visitors, and will be ending Feb 1st 2018. Please make sure you pop in to see the exhibition

Neil Moore’s incredible talent is undeniable. There is such precision and fine detail in these original charcoal and pastel works which almost mimics the precision of a photograph.

Neil, who has successfully sold across the UK and internationally, is exhibiting over 25 different drawings in Slate Art Gallery until Feb 1st. This is following on from his very successful Exhibition in March 2017.

Neil has used both Charcoal and Pastels to create highly realistic depictions of women. The beauty of the female nude has been a huge part of the Art History and there is something very special when an artist can capture the sensitivity, emotion, and rawness in a natural female form.

Neil has three pastel drawings of women with child, the undeniable talent in these drawings shows the true beauty of her fertility. The light and shadows created using layers of pastels gives these beautiful forms an almost 3D feel. In the charcoal drawings, Neil has eased away the charcoal for the human form to pop out of the paper. The intrinsic details of folds in clothing, or bends in in skin, create a striking contrast to the deep, black, charcoal background that remains.

Although some people may feel uncomfortable around these explicit depictions, I think that is a testament to the incredible detail and precision in his drawings.

Following on from Neil’s Solo show we have a mixed exhibition called The Art of Design. This exhibition will showcase designers and craftsmen from across the UK. Opening evening Feb 2nd, 2018.

Please also join us Feb 8th for: Live at Slate- Chasing DeerChasing Deer will be performing original music in Slate art Gallery Ticket can be purchased here:

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