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Feeling at HOME at Slate Art Gallery

a glimpse at the Exhibition

Slate is working in collaboration with TEDxLeamington to bring you an exhibition about what home means to you. This exhibition runs until November 9th and has a lot of different aspects to it.

TEDxLeamington is in its third year, and this year the event is all about home and what it means to different people and how it can be interpreted differently.

This has allowed artists to interpret their feelings of home, and apply it to canvas, paper, and glass. It is so inspiring to see what, and how, everyone has interpreted the word and idea.

When giving an artist a theme it allows me to trust in their artistic ability and gives them the freedom to create something they may have otherwise not considered. This is a lovely way for me to bring an exhibition together.

One of the best parts of my job is to allow artists to do what they do best- Create. A few months ago I met an artist who was unsure about their artistic ability, and where to take their artistic career. I saw something very special in this particular artist and in their talent. They created something specifically for this exhibition and it is truly brilliant. Watching artists succeed is a very fulfilling part of my job, and probably one of the main reasons I continue to do what I do. This artist's work was voted best in show by TEDxleamington and has now sold. A few days ago the artist posted online that these had been the best 5 days ever. So often it is easy to get bogged down in the world of sales and bills, and forget why I am doing what I do. This post reminded me, that the gallery and I can change peoples lives and make a huge difference. A truly wonderful moment to be a part of and to experience.

The exhibition has also allowed for 14 Warwickshire College students to exhibit for the first time in a gallery. Their diverse work is inspiring and intriguing. Jen Moya who was recoginised as highly commended created 'Back Home'. This is a beautiful tapestry with coffee, spray-paint, pencil and biro all used to show the effects war can have on a family. Family is Home to Jen, and this incredible, well thought out and thought provoking piece shows talent and ambition of someone much older. The second Warwickshire student who received Highly commended for their artwork is Melina Georgoiu. Melina, has hand crafted a door. This beautiful door has a bright and beautiful iconic virgin Mary adorning the front. I’m not sure what in particular drew me to this piece. Maybe it’s the colour – bright and rich, or the beautiful copper door handle showing great attention to detail, or the fact I spent many years studying Art History and Iconic art and religious art has been such fundamental part of Art History through the ages and in my education in particular of which I have only the fondest memories. Whatever the reason is, this piece deserves to be recognized. All the students have worked very hard to create what HOME means to them, and they have done a wonderful job. All mediums have been used, and the stories that accompany them allow the viewer a glimpse into the thoughts and process of the artists on display.

What would you say home means to you? We also have an interactive cardboard wall where visitors can write what home means to them, stop by to leave your mark and take look at comments such as “ Where my mum is. Home means everything to me and it’s the best place I could ever live. Home is family and family is love. It’s the best place ever…. I love home” – Jacques age 8. I have yet to write on the wall. I think by the end of the exhibition I will have a better understanding of what home means to me, or where home is even, and maybe then I'll add my comments to all the other wonderful thoughts.

I love working and collaborating with new people, and this has been a great opportunity to work with the TED organisation. Huge thank you to Kimberly and Craig from TedxLeamington for all of the support and ideas. For any artists interested in attending the TEDxLeamington event it takes place on November 18th at All Saints Church. More information can be found at

Don't forget to swing by the Gallery and come ponder what “Home” means to you, by seeing what it means to others.

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