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A full suite of Consultancy and Gallery Services to bring the perfect Art to your home or business


Professional Art Consultancy for Home or Business

I have spent many years bringing wonderful art and happy clients together. Helping you to find the perfect piece for you home or even for your business. I work with Individuals, Companies and Brand Managers to understand specific artistic needs whether for Home, Office or Corporate Events, I take the stress and worry out of working with multiple artists to help deliver your vision for your home, event or workplace.


Home Curation & Finding the Perfect Piece: Your home brought to Life

I have worked for many years helping clients find just the right piece for their home and am privileged to be able to share their joy when we do exactly that. Whether its dimensions, colours, and themes I will happily show you a variety of work from artists across the UK to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Alternatively, if you already have a collection then I love installing artwork in peoples houses and helping them both optimise their wall space and deliver stunningly curated displays. Whether a single piece or a set, I offer a full consultancy in your own home at a time convenient for you. If you're unsure where to start with your collection then I can help you bring your home to life through my stress free home curation and consultancy services.


Exceeding Expectations

I offer a bespoke and tailored Consultancy and Liaison service for Companies and Events interested in displaying amazing art to create wonderfully innovative spaces whether for a Head Office or a Corporate Event. I will take the time to fully understand your requirements, both from a commercial and creative perspective, to ensure I help deliver your vision. I will then source, vet and work with, hand selected artists, agents and galleries that meet your criteria. Ultimately we'll deliver the creative spaces you are after whilst saving your precious time to focus on your own business objectives.

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